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Dark Souls 2 trainer and cheat codes 2014


Dark Souls 2 trainer and cheat codes 2014

Dark Souls 2 trainer

more games:

Unlimited Health
Easy Kills (IMPROVED)
Add Souls
Add Humanity
Unlimited Equipment Load
Large Amount of Items in Consumable Slot
Attunement Slot
Mega Items
Save/Load Position (Teleport)

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(via chosen-undead)

its 2 am im very high listening to contemporary jazz and accidentally researching how to murder and dispose of the body

[10:18:53 PM] #GOD: hey im high
[10:19:11 PM] gf: Me too
[10:21:05 PM] gf: I made a bunch of friends on psn
[10:21:42 PM] gf: They’re all mexican and really fun to talk too
[10:22:10 PM] #GOD: ¡ay carumba!

[10:23:18 PM] gf: Hey I’m a quarter mexican I fit in
[10:23:59 PM] #GOD: ¡viva las vegas!
[10:24:23 PM] gf: You’re an ass

can we appreciate how hilarious and culturally sensitive about her heritage i am

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